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POLICY Quality

On this day, 2023-01-01, the following policy has been drawn up for ScioTech I Skövde AB below called “the company”.


The company’s quality policy is developed on behalf of the company’s board of directors and is a document with guidelines regarding quality and the factors that affect quality. Everyone in the company is expected to follow the policy, both employees and board members.


The goal of the company’s quality work is satisfied customers. The company’ name must be associated with high quality in terms of personnel, products/services and customer service.


Management shall set clear quality objectives that are communicated, followed up and revised regularly. As an aid in the quality work, the company uses the international quality standard ISO 9001.

Customer satisfaction

Our main success factor is customer satisfaction. Therefore

  • we start from what is best for the customer in the long run
  • we are always cooperative when it comes to our customers
  • we show our expertise and give a competent impression in the customer’s eyes
  • we provide safe, time-saving, easy-to- use and affordable products/services.

Employee satisfaction

A good and productive working environment is a success factor. Therefore

  • all employees work as a team where there is knowledge of the importance of the individual’s work contribution to the whole
  • critical information is available for the purpose of work to be carried out with quality and successfully
  • we acknowledge and confirm success and reward success
  • we ensure that the right person is in the right place through well-planned recruitment and training
  • we follow our values.

Owner satisfaction

Satisfied owners and value development are a success factor as it ensures the company’s survival and growth. Therefore

  • all employees are responsible for the company’s long-term survival
  • the objectives are clear and communicated
  • we always reach the set targets.


The company is part of a larger context. Therefore

  • we follow the prevailing laws and regulations, but also the company’s ethical rules and policies
  • we have the concept of recycling in mind when deciding
  • we minimise negative impact on air, water and soil
  • we minimise consumption of water and energy

Continuous improvements

Our environment and business concept require continuous improvements in implementation. Therefore

  • we base our decisions on facts and measurements
  • we are continuously improving our quality management system
  • we do the right things at the right time and in the right way
  • we work proactively to prevent problems and risks
  • we engage employees and other stakeholders in the daily improvement efforts in order to increase customer satisfaction.